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50 Indian Students Banned From Entering EU After Providing Fake Swiss University Admission Letters

The Swiss government has denied entry to 50 Indian students from Kerala into any Schengen country after they submitted fake admission letters to a Swiss school during their visa application.

The forged document, which caused these students to be banned from entering the 27-nation block until October 21, 2024, was presented to them by the Language Institute of Kochi, believed to be the “Farp School of Foreign Languages”, the director suspected of having collected hundreds of thousands of rupees. of the students, promising them admission to the Benedict School in Bern along with a monthly internship of €2,341.48 (INR 200,000) in allowance, reports.

The students were informed of the fraud on October 22 last year, when they received a letter from the Swiss government claiming that the acceptance letter for the Bern-based school was forged.

“After we successfully completed the A1 level test in German, the Director General came up with an offer that could help us get accepted into a school in Switzerland that also offers a monthly stipend. Although he demanded $5,000 (€5,835) from each applicant. , it was later reduced to 3,000 lakh (€3,512) as a special offer and collected 2 lakh (2,341€) as down payment,” a complaint filed by one of the students read.

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According to a report submitted to the February 1 court, “there is no need to arrest the accused at the present time,” while a senior police officer claims the institute tried to silence the order to return the money to the students after the fraud was exposed.

“I have not issued any acceptance letter to the students. Also, there are only 13 students affected by the goof and not 50 students as it is claimed. I took the matter with Hyderabad Agency, and they proceeded with the process of asking the Embassy of Switzerland to lift the ban. The students are expected to get the letter from the Swiss government The ban will be lifted on them within the next 20 to 22 days,” said the director of the language training centre, known as Girish, while also noting that the acceptance letters were sent by Hyderabad- a global education company based with which he is associated.

Such attempts to study, work or live in Switzerland can be related to the fact that the country is among the most beneficial to its residents. According to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), about 93 percent of the country’s higher education graduates have been placed in a job commensurate with their level of academic preparation.

Furthermore, the minimum wage in Switzerland is around 6,538 Swiss francs (6,233 euros), the Federal, Provincial and Commune Service of Switzerland reveals. On the other hand, the average wage in India is around 16,000 rupees (€187.32) – about 97 per cent less than in Switzerland.

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