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50 Czech Police Officers Arrive in Hungary to Help Protect External Schengen Borders

A total of 50 Czech police officers have arrived in the Hungarian capital to help protect the EU’s Schengen border in southern Hungary.

According to the deputy head of the National Police, Janos Kocek, the protection of the southern borders provides security throughout Europe, reports.

Koçek highlighted the issue of immigration, stressing that the current immigration pressures pose a serious security threat to European countries.

The police officer pointed out that the protection of the southern border plays an essential role in the country’s efforts to combat illegal immigration.

Based on figures provided by Koçek, a total of 7,000 people attempted to enter the country illegally in 2019, while the number rose to 46,000 over the past year. For this year, the number of people who tried to reach the Central European country illegally during the first nine months of 2021 reached 90,000.

In addition, he confirmed that a total of 915 lawsuits were filed against people smugglers during this year, three times what was recorded during 2020.

Kocic stressed that police officers in Austria and Serbia are also cooperating with the Hungarian police in order to deal with the current immigration situation.

The decision to tighten controls on her country’s borders comes after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban previously confirmed that the country will soon face migration pressures on its southern borders, as the citizens of Afghanistan, he said, are trying to reach European countries via this route.

Orban’s comments came after visiting the common border between the country and Serbia with his Czech counterpart Andrej Babis.

The Hungarian Prime Minister stressed that while a large number of people are trying to ensure safety in the interior parts of Europe, “Brussels is betraying Hungary and the European people,” Hungary reported today.

In addition, he stressed that Hungary is protecting Europe, adding that he hopes to thwart Brussels’ plan to allow more Afghan nationals to enter European countries.

Orban stressed that 4,500 officers protect the Hungarian fence, making it among the largest expenditures in Hungary’s law enforcement budget, while adding that without the border fence, a large number of migrants would have arrived in the Schengen area countries. The Prime Minister stressed that the European Union did not provide financial assistance to the country in order to cover these costs.

In August, reported that authorities in Hungary had banned more than 54,000 people who had attempted to cross the country’s borders illegally since the beginning of this year and prosecuted more than 500 smugglers during the same period.

These data were confirmed by Chief Security Adviser Giorgi Bakondi, while stressing that these numbers represent a marked increase compared to the figures for the same period last year when 17,000 illegal immigrants were discovered by police officials in Hungary, and 200 smugglers were prosecuted.

In this regard, a recent report by the European Union Border and Coastal Agency (Frontex) showed that up to 23,630 people sought to enter European countries illegally during September, which is a 17 percent increase compared to the figures for the same period in 2019. .

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