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4,300 Ukrainians Have Reached Latvia So Far, Authorities Say

Authorities revealed that Latvia has opened the doors to about 4,300 Ukrainian citizens arriving from Poland.

According to a statement by the head of the State Border Guard, Gontes Bugats, about 11,000 people were helped, and 631 people were accommodated in tourist facilities. In addition, about 80 people lacked the necessary documents to travel, and for anything, the relevant authorities helped them, reports.

Bugats added that Russian citizens with residence permits also entered Latvia, although there was no increased influx of such numbers as the number of arrivals was less than a hundred.

Moreover, in the past four days, the number of illegal border crossings at the border between Latvia and Belarus has decreased. Nine migrants tried to enter Latvia illegally on Wednesday and one was allowed entry on humanitarian grounds.

However, compared to the period before the war in Ukraine, illegal immigration decreased significantly. At the highest point, for example, in mid-December, border guards reported more than 100 attempts to enter Latvia illegally through the Latvian-Belarus border.

Earlier, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) revealed that around four million Ukrainian citizens are expected to arrive in European member states by July 2022.

More specifically, Ukrainian citizens are expected to arrive in Poland the most until the summer season – 1.5 million of them are Hungary and Romania, 250 thousand of them individually. The neighboring country of Ukraine, Moldova, may accommodate about 100,000 refugees while Slovakia can accommodate approximately 60,000.

Despite the extraordinary pace and challenges, the response of governments and local communities to receiving these million refugees has been remarkable. “UNHCR staff have already moved across the region and are scaling up protection and assistance programs for refugees, to support host governments,” said the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, noting that this is one of the fastest displacements. Testified in his career.

Furthermore, UNHCR has launched the Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP), which aims to help Ukrainian refugees reach EU member states. This initiative has allocated about 504 million euros to countries neighboring Ukraine, which are expected to be refugees.

The largest amount was allocated to Poland – 185 million euros, followed by Moldova with 111 million euros and 87.5 million euros to be distributed to the remaining countries. In addition, about 29 million euros will be allocated to Hungary, 30 million euros to Slovakia, and about 60 million euros to Romania.

The main objectives of this initiative include supporting host countries to assimilate Ukrainian citizens and facilitating the search for solutions regarding immigration from Ukraine.

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