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4 People Jailed Forging Documents to Obtain Schengen Visa

Dubai Criminal Court has arrested four people from Asian countries and sentenced them to six months in prison after they were accused of forging a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates, including bank statements and other documents.

Based on the investigation by the police and the Public Prosecution Office, an employee of an embassy in a European country questioned the documents, while submitting a report of the incident to the relevant authorities, reports.

According to a police officer, the passport holders’ sponsor has been summoned for investigation. In addition, the sponsor explained that the first accused was a manager in his company; However, he denied knowing the other three defendants.

One of the convicts said that the first convict promised him and the other convict with Schengen visas for 24,443 dirhams.

He handed over half of the amount when he was in his home country and paid the rest after obtaining a UAE visa, allowing him to obtain a visa to a European country.

Meanwhile, another convict stressed that the first convict promised him that she would offer him a place to stay until he completed the necessary procedures to obtain a visa for an unspecified amount.

However, this is not the first case that such illegal actions related to Schengen visas have been reported.

Previously, reported that six people were arrested in India in separate cases after submitting fake Schengen posters to the US Embassy in Mumbai in an attempt to convince the embassy that they were frequent travelers.

In the first case, a couple was arrested after presenting their passports to the US embassy along with fake Schengen visa stickers and stamps issued by countries such as Switzerland, Italy and France.

The officer noted that “during the visa interview, Mahesh Patel and Aruna Patel broke down and admitted that they had never visited France, Switzerland or Italy, and that the Schengen visas affixed to their passports, immigration stamps on them were forged and fabricated.” At the time in this regard.

In June, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry reported the theft of nearly 1,000 visa stickers from the Italian Embassy in Islamabad.

Last year, some employees of a tourism agency in Oran, Algeria, were arrested on suspicion of forging their visas.

At the time, police officials in Oran said they had confiscated several passports belonging to people who had fallen into the trap of the device.

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