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3,000 Travellers Lose Their Flights After Portugal Blocks Ryanair From Operating Moroccan Routes

3,000 Portuguese passengers were unable to travel from Lisbon to the country last Sunday, October 31, after Ryanair canceled flights in compliance with the decision of the Portuguese Ministry of Infrastructure to close roads with Morocco.

The decision by the Portuguese to close three new routes to Morocco, despite them being part of the EU’s Open Skies agreement with Morocco, to Ryanair, is explainable, according to

According to Ryanair, this decision is incredible because the Irish airline already has rights of passage to fly from Portugal to Morocco, and has been operating flights for more than three years now.

“It is simply outrageous that the faceless bureaucrats of the Department of Infrastructure refused to remain in their offices on Friday to resolve this matter, but instead left for the weekend while destroying the vacation plans of more than 3,000 of their fellow citizens,” Jason McGuinness Commercial wrote in a statement. Posted on Saturday.

The airline ended the statement with an apology to passengers subject to this order and warned against offering alternative travel arrangements or refunding money to those affected by the decision.

Furthermore, Ryanair has announced that it regrets the cancellation of the 1 October, 1, 3 and 5 November flights from Lisbon to Agadir; Flights from Lisbon to Fez, on October 21 and November 4, and from Lisbon to Marrakech on November 1 and 4. The airline also said flights from Porto to Marrakesh will operate as scheduled.

On the other hand, clarification of Ryanair’s request to operate three new routes to Morocco from ANAC revealed that the authority had not completed the application file, making it difficult to analyze the items and then issue the required permission submitted after the deadline.

“Despite the Ryanair application being submitted to ANAC, less than 15 days before the intent to launch the routes, in violation of minimum applicable deadlines, this body called on the airline to submit the missing documents. Only yesterday, the missing documents were requested in connection with the route launch application, as well as clarification regarding the settlement of their shareholder status with the SS,” ANAC wrote in a statement published on October 22.

Previously, the Italian government denounced Ryanair for repeatedly violating COVID-19 health measures and threatened to ban flights to and from Italy.

According to the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), Ryanair failed to operate flights at 50 per cent capacity, and therefore, social distancing requirements were not met. At the time, Ryanair was using 29 Italian airports, which means that banning these flights would significantly reduce the volume of flights.

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