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30 Migrants Rescued, One Dead in English Channel

British authorities on Friday rescued 30 migrants who tried to reach Britain illegally through the English Channel while a man on board lost his life, according to a French authorities report.

Illegal immigration in the English Channel has become the main topic of the French and UK authorities who are constantly trying to find effective ways to deal with the current problem, reports.

The canal is one of the most frequented shipping lanes, along which many immigrants lost their lives.

As previously reported by Reuters, in November a total of 27 migrants died when their boat shrank while trying to cross the English Channel.

In this regard, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that he was shocked and stunned by the deaths, and urged the French authorities to do more to deter people from trying to cross this road illegally.

Johnson said the smuggling gangs “literally get away with murder.”

On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron added that the UK government should put an end to the politicization of the issue for domestic gain, while the Home Secretary, Gerald Darmanin, said the UK should be part of the answer.

According to figures previously provided by the French Immigration and Integration Office, the number of people spotted in the Calais region has more than tripled last year, while he confirmed that the French authorities rescued a total of 1,002 people over the past year.

Based on figures published by British media earlier this month, the British Home Office confirmed that more than 28,000 migrants tried to reach Britain by crossing the English Channel in small boats, Arab News reported.

Last month, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) unveiled a plan that would help member states deal with the growing number of migrants in the Channel and North Sea region.

This plan came after the ministerial meeting in Calais, where the French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, together with representatives of the United Kingdom, came to the conclusion that additional support was needed in this region in order to prevent the occurrence of illegal passages.

“The development of the situation in the canal is a matter of concern. At the request of member states, Frontex has deployed an aircraft in France to support it with aerial surveillance in just three days,” Frontex Director Fabrice Legerie noted in this regard, adding that the agency will remain ready to reinforce Support, if necessary.

Back in November, the British Home Secretary and the French Home Secretary, while bringing the topic of illegal crossing back onto the table, agreed that more should be done to stop the illegal crossing in the English Channel that separates countries from one another.

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