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19 Arrested Trying to Enter Greece Illegally with Forged Documents, Border Control Reports

Greek police announced that 19 foreigners were arrested over the past week on the island of Crete after trying to cross into the country with false documents.

The defendants, who were bound for Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Spain, were arrested at Iraklio Airport after they presented their forged documents “issued” by France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Slovenia and Georgia, reports.

The Greek authorities stated that following this, their passports were confiscated and an investigation was opened.

According to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex, about 3,600 people attempted to pass illegally through the Western Balkans route, including into Greek territory, in July, registering a 67 percent increase compared to the same time last year. In conclusion, the total number of illegal border crossings this year increased by 90 percent and reached 22,600, and the majority of the registered migrants were Syrians, Afghans and Moroccans.

However, FRONTEX reveals that 1,065 cases of illegal border crossing were detected in Greece during the month of July. Since January 2021, the total number has decreased by 33 percent and reached 9,000 compared to 13,370 in 2020. Most of the recorded attempts were from Syria and Turkey.

Previously, the country, which has become a target for many immigrants and immigrants, especially from Middle Eastern countries, announced that it would continue to allow secondary movement. The comments were made during an online session last month by Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarashi, who called the secondary movement an “old concept”.

Secondary movement is called the practice of migrants who arrive in one country and are then allowed to travel to another, in this case, migrants arrive in Greece and then leave for other EU countries, usually Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

The same minister made it clear last week that Greece will not become a gateway for immigrants, confirming its position not to welcome immigrants in their country.

“The only thing certain is that in the face of a possible wave of migration, Greece will not be limited to the role of observer, but will play an active role in European forums to deal with it effectively,” Minister Mitarashi said.

A few weeks ago, the Guardian reported that Greece had finished building a 40-kilometer-long wall next to its border with Turkey, in an effort to stem the flow of migrants and prevent the migrant crisis of 2010, during which 1.3 million refugees entered Europe. .

As a result, thousands of migrants lost their lives every year while trying to reach the Greek coasts and other European countries after crossing hundreds of kilometers from the Mediterranean.

In 2015, migrants began using the Aegean route by reaching Turkey and Greece, which led to high rates of migration, and later led to a crisis that saw the largest number of refugees since World War II.

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