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15 Pakistani Nationals Get Arrested for Trying to Escape to Germany After Getting Evacuated From Ukraine

At least 15 Pakistanis have been arrested for trying to flee to Germany from Poland after being evacuated from Ukraine, and many others have been warned against such actions.

Pakistani nationals who were evacuated from Ukraine due to the ongoing war with Russia were sent to Poland, and from there they were supposed to return to Pakistan. However, some decided to ignore the rules and instead tried to reach Germany illegally.

Bearing in mind such illegal moves, the Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine has warned all its citizens who are currently in Ukraine or in any of the latter’s neighboring countries to refrain from such actions or else they will halt the eviction, reports.

Officials emphasized that all people who attempt to flee to another country after being evacuated will be held accountable for their actions.

A Polish visa is issued to Pakistani citizens who are currently in Poland and those who will arrive there on humanitarian grounds. This type of visa remains valid for 15 days, and during this two-week period, no one is allowed to leave Poland. In addition, everyone must return to Pakistan before the 15-day visa expires.

Previously, citizens of Pakistan who are in Ukraine were asked to go to the facilitation office in Lviv. However, they now have to go to the new facilitation office in Ternopil as the last one has been closed. The facilitation office in Ternopil will now receive all students and then transport them to the border for evacuation.

“Important Announcement – All Pakistanis in Ukraine have been informed that the facilitation office in Lviv is closed from today. Now the facilitation office in Ternopil will receive all students and take them to the border for evacuation,” the Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine wrote on its official Twitter account yesterday, on February 28 .

Due to the large number of people who want to leave Ukraine, the evacuation process has slowed down. However, the Pakistani authorities have confirmed that they are doing everything they can to speed up the process.

There are enormous difficulties at the border crossing points due to the huge number of people wishing to leave Ukraine. “The embassy and ministry are actively engaging the Ukrainian government to speed up the process,” the Pakistani embassy in Ukraine said last week, assuring us that all of its citizens will return to the country as soon as possible.

Apart from the citizens of Pakistan, citizens of other countries, as well as Ukrainians, left Ukraine.

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