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126,266 People Became Spanish Citizens in 2020, Data Shows

Spain’s National Statistics Institute revealed that more people are becoming permanent residents in Spain.

According to the same report, a total of 126,266 people acquired Spanish citizenship in 2020, an increase of 27.6% over the previous year. Statistics show that of the total, 59,107 were men, showing a 26.84 percent increase in this category since 2019, and 67,159 were women, also representing an even more superior increase of 28.28 percent, reports.

In addition, the number of people born in Spain who obtained their citizenship increased by 20.87 percent, to 24,442. However, the statistics show upward trends for people born abroad who were granted Spanish citizenship, increasing by 29.51 percent to 99,824.

Of the EU member states, the main nationalities with Spanish citizenship in 2020 include Romanians (2771), Italians (710), Portuguese (356) and Poles (325). The third countries of the European continent are also remembered with honor, for example, Ukraine, where 2,254 Ukrainian citizens became permanent residents of the Iberian state throughout 2020.

On the other end of the scale stand the Nordic countries, with the fewest nationalities issued there – one in Norway, two in Denmark, three in Finland and six in Sweden.

However, unlike its neighboring country – Portugal, which is seeing a rise in the number of British citizens acquiring citizenship there, Spain counts fewer UK-born citizens, around 394 of them, despite the fact that the UK is one of the The best tourism markets in Spain. Spaniards. Overall, the Spanish government granted 3,837 citizenship certificates to citizens of EU member states throughout the year of 2020.

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Furthermore, 37,205 African-born citizens became permanent residents of Spain in 2020 – 28,240 of whom are Moroccans. Although many African citizens obtained their citizenship during this time, the Latin-speaking continent of South America has the largest number of 2020 permanent residents in Spain, around 48,098 of these, 9,021 of whom are Colombians.

In addition, 8,682 people from the Asian continent obtained their citizenship in Spain, most of them from Pakistan (4,458). Furthermore, about 1,796 North American people became permanent residents of Spain, of whom 1,492 were Mexicans.

However, Spain’s illegal border crossings remain the highest in the European Union, as the country, along with Italy, compensates by the central Mediterranean, the route most affected by such illegal activity, the European Border Agency revealed , Frontex. .

Moreover, data from the migrant rights NGO Walking Borders shows that 4,404 migrants lost their lives entering Spain last year, which shows the death toll is rising, especially for people from North African countries.

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