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12 Russian Universities Suspended From EUA Due to Their Support for Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The European University Association (EUA) has decided to suspend the membership of universities and members who have signed the declaration stating that the Russian Federation of University Rectors (RUR) supports the Russian Federation’s occupation of Ukraine, noting that supporting such actions is against the values ​​of EUA membership.

According to the European University Association, these 12 universities will be suspended until they conform to European values ​​again, reports.

In a press release issued on March 7, the EUA stated that it condemns the aggression against Ukraine.

“Member universities are advised to ensure, on a case-by-case basis, that continued collaboration in education and research with Russian academics remains appropriate at this time, using national and European policy guidelines to assess this – recognizing that many partnerships are based on peer-to-peer relationships and that many of Russian academics have spoken out against this invasion, at great personal risk,” the statement said

In addition, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the European Community of Higher Education and Research has expressed its unwavering support for Ukrainian universities, students and staff.

In support of Ukraine, the EUA announced through a press release on March 2, that it called on its members and academia to do everything in their power to denounce and press for an end to the war in Ukraine.

The EUA has also indicated that it will provide support to Ukrainian universities, members of the Russian academic community who oppose aggression against Ukraine, and the broader European higher education sector in its support efforts.

At the same time, the association will hold national conferences of its member chairs to determine the best way to collectively work to support Ukrainian members, in partnership with relevant organizations such as Endangered Researchers and the Magna Carta Observatory.

For now, it will also cut off contacts and cooperation with any central government agency of the Russian Federation or any other country that actively supports the Russian occupation of Ukraine and urges its members to consider doing the same.

According to the EUA, leaders of EU members in Russia and leaders of other countries who support Russian actions will reiterate the core European values ​​of the EUA and the Magna Charta Universitatum.

On the other hand, the corps of the brigadier general of the Russian Federation announced that after this event taking place between Russia and Ukraine, they support this decision of Russia to end the eight-year confrontation between Ukraine and Donbass, to achieve the disarmament and de-Nazification of Ukraine and thus protect it from growing military threats.

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