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104,000 Refugees From Ukraine Have Arrived in Hungary So Far

About 104,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Hungary since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Those figures were released by Senior Security Adviser Giorgi Bacondi, while stressing that the number of people directly fleeing the war is estimated at 80,000, reports.

In addition, the United Nations expects approximately 250,000 refugees to arrive in Hungary before the end of the war, according to reports on Hungary.

Hungary is also sending unprecedented amounts of food and fuel to Transcarpathia, the western Ukrainian region with a large Hungarian population. Bacondi indicated in this regard that the United Nations expects about 250,000 refugees to arrive in Hungary before the end of the war.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than 670,000 people have fled Ukraine in the past few days. In addition, the agency stressed that the situation looks set to become the most profound refugee crisis in Europe if the Russian offensive continues.

Soon after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Orban reversed his country’s immigration policies.

We are ready to take care of them [Ukrainians]We will be able to rise to the challenge quickly and efficiently,” he noted in this regard.

Recently, Hungarian Defense Minister Tibor Pinko emphasized that the military development plan remains the main priority of the Hungarian Defense Ministry.

The Minister also stressed the importance of providing military assistance to the remaining police officers at the country’s borders.

The minister stressed, as reported by the newspaper “About Hungary”, that “Hungarian forces have been contributing to the country’s border protection efforts since 2015… It was clear that migration pressure was increasing.”

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, a large number of European countries have opened their doors to Ukrainian refugees.

In this regard, the European Union Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) stressed its readiness to extend its assistance to all EU Member States to deal with the current situation at their borders.

According to a press release published by the agency, the agency is monitoring the situation in Ukraine and its borders with the European Union countries, stressing that it is ready to provide assistance when needed.

More than half a million people have arrived in other European countries since Russia invaded Ukraine, including the latter’s neighbors Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

A large number of European countries are preparing for an influx of refugees from Ukraine in the wake of the Russian offensive.

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